4 Content Secrets That Persuade Readers To Take Action

Do readers like, share, or comment on your content? To ensure the success of your written words, readers should show engagement on your write-ups. If your content is not captivating, your readers are likely to turn away. How can you increase the likelihood of a content piece so that readers will take actions after reading it? Many writers are successfully crafting persuasive content every time they write anything. Do they have any secret? The answer is a big resounding YES. And this is what I am going to reveal today.

Without further ado, let us discuss the five content secrets that will make your writing more persuasive.  

1. Storytelling

To make a content piece engaging, you must keep storytelling in the mind while writing it. Research says that the art of storytelling is very powerful in the digital age and the future of content marketing strategy in 2018.

How exactly can you blend storytelling in your content marketing strategy?

Engage with your audience through social media and other digital platforms, and try to understand what your target audience is searching. Find out problems/doubts of people, create a scenario in your content, and then offer a solution. Don’t forget to support your story with facts, figures, and data to make it more convincing. Add images, infographic, videos etc. This way, you can gain trust and engagement from your audience. Share your own brand story with your audience in a personalized way, Trust me, this way, you will stand ahead of the crowd.

2. Cohesiveness

Maintaining cohesiveness in writing makes it easy for your readers to grasp your content’s concept. Without cohesiveness in your content, readers will not be able to build an image/concept in their minds. Cohesiveness makes a content piece easy-to-comprehend. How can you make your content cohesive?

You need to connect the dots of ideas in a logical manner. Suppose, you are going to craft a story for your brand. You should present ideas logically – what problems your audience faces, how your product is going to solve your audience’s problems, and include an example of how your product changed someone’s life in the past. Wouldn’t your readers be able to comprehend this logical sequence of ideas easily?

3. Simplicity

Harvard Business Review stated; “What consumers want from marketers is, simply, simplicity.”

Maintaining simplicity in writing increases the readability of your content. Your choice of words is very important. If your readers need to depend on a dictionary to understand the meaning of every single line, trust me, they will not come back to your page again. Do not go for complex phrases and ornamental words. Keep your sentences short. Maintain a certain tone and flow in your writing.

4. Curiosity

A small intriguing line or just a few words in the headline of your content or body can drive the attention of your audience and keep them stick to the end of the content. Using the right words to fill the gap between what your readers know and what they want to know creates curiosity. Do not give away the entire knowledge about something in one single paragraph; leak it out a little at a time and build up the curiosity. Make your readers want to know more about what you want to say and maintain the anticipation till the end.

Wrapping it up, a great content piece creates a win-win situation for both you and the readers. Maintain an engaging, simple and cohesive tone in the content, build curiosity for the readers, and as a result, you will be able to persuade readers to take actions.

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Kamalika De
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KAMALIKA is a digital transformation expert. She helps brands build a strong digital presence through content marketing and digital marketing. An avid reader and passionate writer, she regularly pens articles for leading online platforms and is Co-founder of DoQuickly.