4 Common Marketing Mistakes Startups Make

A well-designed marketing campaign is one of the most important aspects of business success. No matter how good a product or a service is, without a marketing campaign, there is no way to properly reach out to the target audience and increase awareness.

Each business is unique in its own way and different marketing strategies work better for achieving different goals. However, the fact is there is no perfect marketing model to follow. Every business must come up with its own campaign that will capture the hearts and minds of its customers.

This is particularly true for startups, as they must make a name for themselves and are bound to make a few mistakes in the beginning. Making mistakes is unavoidable, especially in marketing, but luckily, there are always ways to make things right. Here are a few of the common marketing mistakes startups make.

A lack of proper research

Research should always be an essential part of every important decision a business makes, including formulating a marketing campaign. Research provides valuable information on which to base a marketing campaign. Without it, you are walking in blind.

You have to know who your target audience is, what their preferences or dislikes are and what kind of interest your product or service will generate on the market, in order for a marketing campaign to produce the best results. The fact is, if you commit to discovering as much information as you can, you will be able to create a truly effective marketing campaign. Furthermore, you need to research your competition and find out what they are doing right or wrong. What’s important is to not follow in your competitions’ footsteps, rather surpass them and do things better than they do.

Using the wrong social media channels

Involving social media and networks in a marketing campaign is one of the best ways to reach out to your target audience and increase the odds of success. A lot of people spend most of their time browsing through social channels and searching for new things that will grab their interest for a while.

However, if you launch your social media promotions on channels that aren’t populated with your target audience, your efforts will be in vain. So, we go back to research once more. Identifying the proper social media channels your target audience inhabits is crucial for social media promotion. For instance, if you are targeting Millennials, you should know that they prefer Facebook and Instagram, but also like to stop by Twitter to check out what’s new and trendy.

Disregarding SEO

Search engine optimization is vital for increasing visibility and enabling your audience to find your website easily. That is not the only benefit SEO can bring to the table, as a matter of fact it can play a crucial role in your marketing campaign. If you decide to back your business or website with a blog that will serve to attract readers with useful and entertaining content, you mustn’t neglect SEO importance.

For example, if your website is the hub of your business, where customers will be able to make purchases, it’s important for it to establish a high enough rank in search engines that will not only speak of legitimacy and credibility, but will also make it easy to find. Furthermore, driving traffic from other aspects of your marketing campaign, such as social media or blog, contributes to SEO. Simply put, more traffic means increased odds of conversions, and more conversions mean more profit.

Limiting your budget

It’s a well known fact that startups have difficulties with finances, especially in the beginning, when every cent counts. However, limiting a budget for your marketing campaign is a mistake that can easily backfire. Marketing campaigns are somewhat unpredictable and additional costs might emerge when you least expect them.

Just imagine how frustrating it would be if your marketing campaign was about to reach success, but you run out of funds to give it that extra push. Marketing campaigns are big investments, but it’s important to know that they eventually bring a return on investment. Make sure you always leave room to further endorse your marketing campaign with additional funds – it’s the only way to ensure its success.

Startup businesses that are starting to climb to the top of the market will need a good marketing campaign in order to truly make it. As mentioned, it’s impossible to avoid mistakes when creating a marketing strategy. However, it’s possible to avoid the crucial mistakes and launch an effective marketing campaign. All that is required is detailed research and careful planning.


Nate Vickery
Nate Vickery
NATE Vickery is a business technology expert mostly focused on future trends applicable to SMB and startup marketing and management processes. He has also been blogging in the past few years about before mentioned topics on various leading sites and communities. In the little free time left, Nate edits a business oriented website -

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