3 Ways to Make Your Work Photo ID Cards Last Longer

When you work five days a week and use your photo ID card for various purposes at work, the ID badge endures a lot of wear-and-tear regularly. Showing the card to every security personnel, swiping through numerous machines, and tapping them on readers takes a toll on the card’s quality.

You water your plants to make them last longer, and you value your phone to prolong its lifetime. So, why should things be any different for your ID card? As a possession you need close to you regularly, it is essential to take steps for its longevity. Here are some ways to make your work photo ID last longer.

1. Invest in PVC Cards

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a strong but lightweight plastic material, but what exactly are PVC ID cards? In simple terms, it’s a rigid material that can make your ID card durable. The use of PVC cards is standard, making it the third-most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer.

Investing in PVC cards allows you and your staff members to use an ID card system that won’t break after being placed in the pocket the wrong way. If it starts raining when you’re leaving work, you won’t have to stress over your card getting wet because the plastic will protect it.

It also adds an extra security step to your office because you can add holographic imprints and watermarks to a PVC card, making it impossible to duplicate.

2. Use a Badge Holder & Lanyard

When you pop your photo ID in your wallet and take it out every day for swipe or tap at work, your card experiences scratches, scuffs, and possibly fades with every use. However, protecting your card by ensuring that its exterior has protection will enable you to prolong the card’s life.

A badge holder will secure the card and reduce the likeliness of scratches, fading, and other types of damage. The best part about using a badge is the variety of lanyards you can attach to it. You can show off your personality with a customized lanyard or stick to something that complements all of your outfits. Regardless of the style, the badge holder and lanyard will protect your card from harsh damage.

In addition, businesses can use lanyards as a networking method, showing support for causes and helping people identify invisible illnesses or hidden conditions.

3. Strengthen with Lamination

Laminating your card will provide you with similar benefits to using a badge holder. However, the difference is that a laminated card may fit better into smaller spaces. When you laminate your card, the plastic layer will protect it from breaking or fading.

A report found that a credit card can be just as dirty as cash. Since you use a photo ID card almost as frequently, those cards may also accumulate germs. A lamination layer will allow you to quickly disinfect and clean your cards, which would not have been possible without plastic protection. You will also be able to put your card in your bag without worrying about your keys or other objects scratching the card.

Making your card last long isn’t rocket science, but it requires some level of effort. It’s easy to forget about the consequences of watching your card get destroyed sooner than it should have. You may lose time and money for its replacement. Take preventive measures to keep your ID safe and watch it stay as good as new!

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