3 Ways To Make Your Business Environment Eco-Friendly

Developing a green environment is not only good for the health of the planet; it’s also rewarding for your business in so many ways. Switching to an eco-friendly business culture can actually help you economize your business resources, and also distinguish you from your competitors. And when you are able to gain that competitive advantage in your industry, you will attract new customers to increase your returns. Here are the top ways to create a green business environment.

  • Establish a remote business culture

When you ditch your traditional office spaces, that’s a bold step towards going green. Consider the fact that most of your workers have to drive to work each day, and they waste productive hours in early morning traffic. When you switch to a remote business office, your employees won’t have to drive their cars every day to work. Since they will be working from home, there will be less pollution because they won’t turn on their ignitions. The advantages of remote offices are many in the sense that your employees will save money because their transportation costs will be lowered. Global Workplace Analytics has reported that if all corporate workers worked from home for at least half of the week, nations could collectively save up to $700 billion annually. There will be a massive reduction in greenhouse gases as compared to if all New York workers stopped using their vehicles permanently. Yet that’s not all the good news — typical business owners can also save up to $11,000 per head annually.

  • Recycling e-waste

As technology continues to move forward at breakneck speeds, the production of electronic waste is almost inevitable. New technologies also force businesses to dump their old electronic gadgets for high-performance systems. Consequently, old computers, mobile phones, and television sets, all constitute e-waste. These unwanted systems are sometimes exported to developing countries where the disposal of these materials often creates health hazards. In 2018, global production of electronic waste was estimated at around 49 million metric tons. As a modern business owner, you can introduce policies to regulate how your company treats its e-waste. Instead of throwing away your outmoded gadgets, look for e-waste recycling companies near you, and donate your electronic waste for recycling.

  • Use renewable energy

One way to save money and go green is to tap into energy from renewable sources such as wind, solar, and hydroelectric power. But before you can implement this energy policy, you will have to consider many factors such as the local laws where your business office is located. For example, if you are a property developer, you can choose to incorporate solar panels in your next development project. For this, you will need to obtain permits from your local government. Once received, you can contact building experts like Contractors Inc to design and fit your roof. Then get in touch with approved solar panel experts to install the panels.

The future of the planet lies in the hands of humanity. And if the world is to correct the negative impact of climate change and global warming, reducing emissions, using renewable energy, and recycling e-waste, are all solutions.

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