3 Ways to Improve Your Company’s Digital Marketing Strategy

Today, the internet is one of the main ways consumers interact with businesses, whether it be through social media, or the company’s website. Growing your online traffic through digital marketing is therefore a crucial tool for expanding your business. These campaigns can be difficult to develop successfully, however, and agency fees can become very expensive.  Read on for some expert digital marketing tips, so your business can keep going from strength to strength.

Set Targets for Your Campaign

A common issue with marketing campaigns is that the desired goals or objectives are not specified, or vague. This can not only lead to campaign performances being difficult to evaluate, but also can reduce the efficacy of campaigns, as they are not sufficiently focused. It’s therefore important that you are as specific as possible with the goals you want to achieve from your digital marketing strategy. Do you want to directly boost sales, increase traffic, or boost your social media interaction? You may have heard of SMART goals in the past – referring to objectives that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-based. Making targets which fulfil all of these criteria will ensure that you have goals which are realistic to complete, and allow you to effectively analyse the success of your campaign. You can consult with a marketing firm for further information about what your digital marketing campaign can realistically achieve for your company.

Use Traffic Data to Your Advantage

The best digital marketing takes advantage of your website’s visitor data to craft campaigns with a more surgical focus. Utilising website cookies can allow you to gather highly valuable market research data about your customers. Making use of marketing analytics can then offer extensive insights into the demographics of your customer base, as well as the efficacy of your website. This information can then be integrated into your marketing campaigns. For instance, if you find that your customer base is younger than you anticipated, you can modify the design of your campaign in view of this. Alternately, if you find that people are staying on your website for an unusually short time, you can adjust your website’s UI, so that it is easier to navigate.

Cater to Mobile Phone Users

A discrepancy can often occur when digital marketing campaigns are primarily designed for computer screens, while a growing number of consumers are primarily using mobile phones to access the internet. This can lead to the content you produce as part of your campaign not being optimised for viewers on mobile devices. Specifically focusing on mobile phone users can thus help effectively reach more customers. This is especially true for companies who have particularly young target demographics. You can do this by ensuring all parts of your campaign are  optimised for viewing on both desktops and mobile phones. You could even produce an app for your users, to further encourage engagement, if your demographic has a high mobile phone usage. Software development costs are expensive, though, so this decision should not be made lightly.

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