3 Ways Businesses are Using Drone Technology 

In 2019, there were over 400,000 commercial drone registrations in the US, according to the Insurance Information Institute. Drones are growing in popularity across multiple industries, such as agriculture, real estate, and insurance. In fact, you may even use drone technology for improving efficiency in your construction business, farming, or even media and film production.

As drones become more popular, companies are taking advantage of their unlimited capabilities. Whether you are managing a small or large business, unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs can help you automate tasks, boost productivity and convenience, and enhance safety. Below are ways companies are using drone technology in their daily operations.

Delivery Services

Drone-based delivery service is one of the most promising applications of drones in business. Companies like UPS, Alphabet, and Amazon are already using these tech devices to provide timely deliveries to their customers. Since drones are autonomous, they rely on software-controlled flight plans that work together with onboard sensors and GPS. They have electronic speed controllers that control motor speed and direction. Using a Wi-Fi connection, pilots can direct a drone to its destination to ensure fast delivery.

Other benefits linked to drone delivery, include safety, convenience, and reduced costs. When companies use drones to deliver goods, they cut the cost of buying cars and fuel. These devices also eliminate the risk of damage because they don’t spend hours on the road or get involved in accidents, like cars.

But before you can fly drones to deliver goods, you need a license. Obtaining a drone license is mandatory for businesses, according to the Federal Aviation Authority. As a business owner, it is important to follow other rules like flying a drone five miles away from schools, airports, and banks.

Aerial Photography For Better Marketing

Drones are becoming essential tools in construction and real estate businesses due to their ability to capture beautiful images with the use of infrared cameras and sensors. For instance, real estate agents use aerial photography to help potential home buyers get an unrestricted view of the property scale and surroundings. When it comes to construction, architects use drones to capture images and video footage of properties, which helps them create 3D architectural designs.

Additionally, using drone technology in construction sites is ideal for risk and progress assessment. With the help of drones, constructors can detect mistakes and take action quickly to prevent accidents.

Boost Security

Businesses, both large and small, are using drones to secure their premises. For example, if you have limited security personnel or have a tight budget, you can use unmanned aerial vehicles for surveillance purposes. With their infrared cameras, radars, live video sensors, and live video feed, drones can detect intruders and send real-time data on your mobile device or computer. That way, you can take the necessary measures to prevent possible theft or vandalism or even capture the intruder.

Aside from aerial photography, delivery, and security, UAVs are capable tools for performing visual inspections. Businesses can use drones to scan warehouses and take inventory. These devices also help inspect hard to reach places like turbines and cellular towers to ensure safety and efficiency.

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