3 Tips for Choosing Technologies That Can Uplift and Serve You

These days, we live well and truly in the heart of the “Digital Age,” and an increasing array of different technologies spread across a variety of different industries perpetually promise to transform the way in which we do business, engage in leisure activities, and even organise our personal lives.

It can be difficult, however, to actually figure out where we should stand with regards to many of the different tools and technologies that are on offer. Particularly those which will affect us most directly in our personal lives.

There are, of course, industry-revolutionising technologies such as https://www.rapidpsi.com/rapid-tooling/ that can help to turn a previously tricky business venture into something far more achievable, and that may significantly improve the public availability of various goods, at the same time.

But for every tool and technology like that, there are also those which have more personal and potentially tricky effects to navigate.

Here are just a few tips for choosing technologies that can uplift and serve you, rather than ones that might end up being detrimental to you.

Be on guard against technologies that seem to “engineer addiction” to seize your attention

In his book, “Irresistible,” the writer Adam Alter does a masterful job of investigating how certain digital and web-based technologies and platforms are actually deliberately designed and engineered in order to be addictive and to subvert the conscious minds and wills of their users, for the greater good of the owners of those companies.

Among other things, Alter notes in the book that social media giants have specifically hired experts from the gambling industry, in order to psychologically engineer their products to be as addictive as possible, and to drive people into ever-deeper impulsivity spirals driven by dopamine, among other things.

Perhaps the first step in ensuring that the tools and technologies you use to uplift and serve you rather than the reverse is to understand that certain technologies and platforms are essentially predatory by design.

If you find that a certain social media platform, for example, seems to cause you to waste hours every day and end up feeling guilty afterwards, maybe you should consider the possibility that the platform itself is intentionally manipulating you, rather than that you simply “need to get more willpower.”

Look for specialised tools that help you to experience a greater degree of focus and attention

A great push that has been gaining popularity in recent times has been for the creation of “minimalistic” technologies and tools which are designed for a specialised and focused purpose, rather than simply being as shiny, all-encompassing, and multi-purpose as possible.

According to Nicholas Carr, author of the book “The Shallows,” there’s good evidence to suggest that engaging with the hyperlinked platform that is the Internet actually causes our attention spans to suffer, along with the ability to focus. The reason for this is because we are increasingly training our brains to hop around from one bit of information to the next, rather than focusing intently for prolonged periods of time.

This is where tools such as the minimalist Light Phone come in, or the reMarkable tablet. In the case of the Light Phone, the emphasis is on stripping away the distractions presented by smartphones, while keeping their core functionality intact.

In the case of the reMarkable tablet, the aim is in creating a distraction-free digital alternative to writing on paper, which serves as an “aid to thinking.”

Use tools and technologies that help you to more easily optimise your well-being through things like nutrition, exercise, and meditation

With the increasing complexity of the modern world, with regards to things like the ways in which the professional landscape is set up, it has become increasingly difficult – for many people, at least – to maintain proper time management and personal care.

Fortunately, there are many tools and technologies available today that can help you to more easily optimise your well-being through things like good nutrition, exercise, and meditation. And, it may even be the case that it’s almost “necessary” to use these sorts of tools today, in order to effectively offset some of the distracting effects created by other technologies in the first place.

You could start, for example, by signing up to a meditation app and service such as Calm or Headspace, in order to effectively develop the habit of starting up and maintaining a daily meditation practice.

You could also use a calorie tracker tool such as MyFitnessPal or Cronometer in order to stay on top of your nutrition and aid your weight loss (or weight gain) goals.

Then, of course, you could also consider tools such as the Fitbit, in order to better track and optimise your exercise, sleep, and so on.

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