3 Time Wasters That Can Impede Your Success

We live in very busy times where everything and everybody seems to be vying for our attention and everything is moving very fast. It seems that no matter where we turn, there is always someone or something requiring our attention, our opinion, our presence, or an action we are expected to take which only adds to our already painfully full plate. It seems to be getting more and more difficult than ever before to choose between what is absolutely necessary or important rather than just something extra. Yet, these are the choices we need to be making to accomplish our goals in life.

Here are some issues to examine and try to avoid so that you do not constantly run into trouble.

1. Lack of decisiveness: You might have an inspiring vision and be excited to make it happen. However, if you lack decisiveness, you will waste loads of time and never bring that dream into reality. Therefore, weighing the pros and cons, then making decisions that you doubt right after creating them, and never taking action becomes a vicious circle that will keep you unproductive and unable to achieve your vision. Many people seem to freeze up when it comes to decision making. In order to avoid that situation, the best choice is to just take a step, if you fail, just get up and try something else. If you fail again then, get up again and keep trying until you get it right. Mistakes are simply opportunities to learn so do not let them defeat you. Instead, just make a decision and give yourself permission to fail. In any event, just continue to move forward toward your goal!

2. Reactive living: Reactive living means going through life reacting to situations that happen as opposed to creating and planning the outcomes you wish to accomplish. It is very sad and concerning how many people live their lives without purpose, direction, and vision. Because, without a vision, you have no clear idea of where you are heading, and that makes it very difficult to be proactive and ultimately to achieve your desired goals. If you do what you enjoy in life, it could be more often a coincidence or “good luck” rather than part of your plan. If you live life without purpose and direction it will leave you unprepared to deal appropriately with everyday life situations. Therefore, the problem with reactive living is that you can never accomplish anything except by chance. Reactive living keeps you busy, yet you will be underachieving, concerned about what might be happening next, and possibly stressed about life situations. Reactive living will unnecessarily waste a lot of your time and prevent you from achieving what you want out of life.

3. Disorganization: Have you ever wasted a lot of time searching for something you could not find? Finding yourself rushing around the day before a project is due is really not much fun. It likely means that you will be stressed out and might not complete that project on schedule or if you do, it may not be done as well as you could have done it, had you managed your time more effectively  Disorganization can cause a lot of unnecessary stress and generally lowers performance levels. You can fool yourself about how good things are, but if you are not accomplishing the key elements required to move you closer to your goals, you will not be successful. There are certainly systems, procedures, and structures that you can implement to improve your  organizational skills. It would be prudent to get the help you need, to create a prioritized plan, and to begin to execute that plan.  If you do that, your life will greatly improve, your success will be more likely and your stress levels will certainly be reduced.

I believe that human beings are very remarkable and can actually do whatever they set their minds to. However, those who are only interested in doing things rarely get much done, whereas those who commit to accomplishing laid out goals will move mountains to achieve their desired outcomes.

So, if you wish to become more successful, productive, efficient and creative you need to learn to self-manage more effectively!

Success comes to those who have specific goals, create prioritized plans to achieve those goals and do not let small failures defeat them.


Sandy Chernoff
Sandy Chernoff
SANDY'S 30 years of didactic and clinical teaching in study clubs and continuing dental education, coupled with her almost 40 years of Dental Hygiene practice bring a wealth of experience to her interactive soft skills workshops. With her education background she easily customizes interactive sessions to suit the specific needs of her clients. Her energetic and humorous presentation style has entertained and informed audiences from Victoria to New York City. Sandy’s client list includes law firms, teaching institutions, volunteer and professional organizations and conferences, businesses, and individuals. Her newest project is turning her live workshops into e-learning programs using an LMS platform. Her teaching and education background have helped her to produce meaningful and somewhat interactive courses for the learners wanting the convenience of e-learning options. As the author of 5 Secrets to Effective Communication, Sandy has demonstrated her ability to demystify the complexities of communication so that the reader can learn better strategies and approaches which will greatly improve their communication skills and ultimately reduce conflict, resentment, disappointment, complaining, and confusion. As a result, the reader will be able to increase productivity, efficiency and creativity, improve all the relationships in their lives and ultimately enjoy a happier, healthier existence! Sandy blogs regularly on her two websites on the various soft skills topics that are featured in her workshops and e-learning programs.

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    • I hope it does, Joanne. It is why I blog on 3 sites providing tips from all my soft skills topics so that I can help those who take the time to read the articles. I went into healthcare to help people and now I am still helping people but with different skills.

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