3 Sure Fire Ways To Appeal To The Millennial Market

As a new startup, you are probably well aware of the need to get online, utilize the power of social media, and develop maximum exposure for your brand. When developing your business plan, you may discover that it is the millennial demographic that you need to appeal to. This means the usual printed press adverts, billboards, and TV commercials simply aren’t going to cut it when trying to secure interest in your wares or services. Instead, you need to embrace more twenty-first-century media to appeal to your demographic. You need a digital marketing policy that is head and shoulders above your competition. Take a look at these three sure-fire ways to appeal to the millennial market and help your business thrive.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram aren’t just ways for millennials to communicate. These are the platforms where your potential customers will seek out businesses, read reviews, and ask for recommendations. It’s vital that you are present on these platforms to tap into the psyche of millennials. Make sure that you post regularly and that your content is relevant and can be shared. The more people share your posts, the more readers they will have, and more followers and interest you can generate. This will enable your brand to gain more exposure. It’s crucial to view social media as a free form of digital marketing. Your competition will have been doing this for years, so you need to leapfrog them and their success.

To empower your digital marketing, think about engaging a company like Your Marketing People, who will develop a creative marketing strategy and employ millennial-friendly initiatives like video advertising and more niche target SEO powered content.


Ensure that your website is a strong mix of aesthetics and content. It needs to be search engine optimized to ensure that your brand can be searched without having to scroll through pages of results. Utilize keywords and consider pay per click campaigns. Your website needs to embody your brand. Make it a visual spectacle to hold the attention of the millennial traffic. Ensure that you follow the three-click rule, meaning that every page or function is easily located within three clicks. Any more than this and you risk losing the engagement of your website visitor and they will head to your competitor’s site. Keep your content fresh and link back to your social media feeds to develop a comprehensive online presence.


Guest blogs are a great way to expose your brand to a wider audience. You can link with fellow bloggers in the industry and secure a guest posting on their site. With a bit of online mutual back-scratching, you can link to their blog from your site. Doing this will enable you to tap into a readymade market, especially if the blog has a large readership.

Launching a startup in the current economic climate is going to be tough. However, follow this simple guide and your business venture will soon be appealing to the millennial market.

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