3 Reasons You Should Focus on Building Assets More Than Anything

In this Game of Business, who sits on the throne is not permanent. Rather, it is an infinity-war where competitor businesses are constantly fighting to hold their achieved market-share and conquer new business territories. It’s a dog eat dog world out there and not only you have to claw your way to the top, but you also have to remain there.

But this war is certainly not that easy to battle and win unless you know the key ingredients to please your audience and customers. And what could be a better way to guarantee your customers’ satisfaction than to add value to their lives by empowering them with the assets you have built over the years?

Building Assets will Help You Establish Your Domain Expertise, Authority, and Influence

I am sure you have seen the movie, Ironman. But did you identify the key attribute that made Tony Stark the Ironman? Certainly, it was his extensive knowledge of technology that helped Stark build himself as the Ironman. Now, if you dream of becoming the true Ironman of your industry, you have to first bullet-proof your authority and expertise on your domain and share it with others.

Remember, authority is the key thing that your customers look for before they hire you or buy your professional services and products.

Your undisputed domain expertise coupled with strategic marketing builds your authority that will influence your customers to buy from you instead of your competitors.

There are a lot of assets you can build to rock-solid your authority.

  • Publish your content on industry-relevant popular blogs and large publications.
  • Regularly host live videos to teach and educate people.
  • Release your podcasts and share your knowledge on topics related to your industry.
  • Team up frequently with other industry authority professionals to organize online talk-shows, interviews, Q&A sessions, etc.
  • Voice your pertinent opinion on social media channels.
  • Answer questions on various business networks and forums on a regular basis.
  • Create exclusive online courses that can be accessed free of cost by your target audience.

Of course, authority cannot be built overnight or by hoodwinking the system. Instead, it is the result of your continuous and conscious efforts that you put together to earn a position where others can borrow your knowledge and experience to achieve something great in their fields.

Consistent Asset-Building Earns You More Customers’ Trust

Have you ever asked this question to yourself, that why people buy from brands and not from unknown companies? The reason is, psychologically, you are most likely to buy from those whom you trust. So, how do you build customers’ trust and loyalty? The more top-notch assets you build consistently, the more of your customers will notice you. And over a period of time, that will earn you more customers’ loyalty.

  • While creating such assets, you must be very careful. You should be thoroughly neutral and honest with your audience and shouldn’t lobby your own products or services by any means. Instead, create assets for your audiences’ true empowerment and in return earn more credibility as a brand.
  • Put yourself in front of your brand and communicate with your audience as an individual and not as your company. Remember, people feel more comfortable talking with human beings than with brands.
  • Create resourceful assets. Identify customers’ pain points and solve those by educating them with your comprehensive assets.
  • Be empathetic and generous while creating assets. Motivate your customers and audience with your knowledge and experience to achieve something phenomenal.

In the long run, if you continue this, you will earn and bolster your customers’ trust, respect, and love, who then will vouch for you and help reign in new customers over time.

Asset Building is Certainly One of the Most Powerful Ways to Increase Online Visibility

Today even the most stupid company on earth knows that it needs online visibility to sustain its business and make sales. But if you are still stuck in your old days and believe that you can increase the business visibility without building assets online, you are terribly wrong.

Yes, you can buy paid-visibility by campaigning your products and services on Facebook, Google, and other ad networks. But it won’t take you far. Once you discontinue them or start retrenching your paid marketing budget, you will see a nosedive in your visibility.

So, how can you increase your online visibility by creating assets your customers want?

Simply by

  • Creating many more painstaking assets
  • Repurposing existing ones for diverse channels
  • And distributing them like a boss

Slowly but surely you will see many of your assets are getting high search engine ranking, social engagements and also funneling a lot of visitors to your website and other online brand outlets.

Soumya Royhttps://www.promozseo.com/
Soumya Roy is the Founder, CEO of PromozSEO Web Marketing Academy which empowers individuals and small businesses with internet marketing skills. Roy is a seasoned digital marketing professional and mentor with over 11 years of experience in full-stack internet marketing.




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