3 Reasons Why Going Freelance Can Be The Best Career Decision You Make In This Age

In the US alone, the freelance market was valued at $1.2 trillion near the end of 2020, according to CNBC’s Small Business Playbook. The freelance business can be essentially boiled down to working for a company one hour and working for another the next. But with our advancements in tech and the unprecedented need for remote work in recent months, it has far and away earned its legitimacy. In this day and age, this cannot be stressed enough. Going freelance may be the best decision you can make for your career. Here are three reasons why.

Companies Are Starting To Adopt Agile Business Practices

Downsizing has become a prevailing trend among businesses since the pandemic. Companies are relying more on contractors for tasks that require more technical know-how. This eliminates much of the overhead from operating specialist wings, such as IT or Accounting. Systems automation has gotten advanced enough that most low-skill jobs can easily be performed by a computer. These developments in tech and human resource philosophy allow companies to operate in a leaner and more agile capacity than ever before. Additionally, the traditional staffing firm is slowly becoming defunct, as companies are looking towards on-demand platforms for qualified individuals.

This streamlines the onboarding process, making the transaction between employer and contractor faster than ever. It also presents a significant advantage for freelancers. The clamor for faster and more efficient hiring implies that demand is at an all-time high. Online freelance platforms cropping up at unprecedented rates reflects that. A freelancer has much to gain from this, including faster employment, professional rates, who they work with, and their own hours.

Remote Work Technology Is More Advanced Than Ever 

The need to stay indoors has strongly reinforced our telecommuting infrastructure. Remote working technology used to be expedient and rough around the edges, only existing for workers who had to find work outside of their own commuting range. Ever since the number of remote workers reached record heights in 2020, the market has been enthusiastic about releasing product after product that would make remote work not only more efficient but preferable for the workers as well.

More and more professionals are expecting the option to work from home to become available to them. This started in the tech sector in particular, but experts say that this will influence the entire workforce as we know it. As a freelancer, you are much more equipped to navigate the world of remote work because you are not bound by the same commitments that full-time employees are. You are also in a far better position to maximize your income for the fewest hours worked. All that’s left for you to do to consolidate your position on the freelance market is to know how to take full advantage of the tools you’re given. With that range of freedom, the newest developments in telecommuting tech benefit you the most.

The Workforce Is Getting Increasingly Hybridized 

The idea of a hybrid workforce essentially entails having full-time staff to take care of the day-to-day activities, and freelancers to call upon when the need arises. This allows the business to stay competitive while staying agile. In the current economic climate, this is the up-and-coming philosophy that seems like it’s going to work for almost everyone. Thanks to agile practices and innovations in tech, freelancers and contractors are making up the bulk of the workforce. The stage is set for the freelancer to have a central role in the operation of almost every business. Freelancing is the future, and as a worker, it is in your best interest to go where the demand is.

Although things will certainly go back to relative normalcy eventually, the landscape created by the need to work remotely will change the way we view employment forever. While it will by no means replace full-time work, freelancing is now a major sector that even regular employees might find worth considering.

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