3 Reasons 2018 Is The Perfect Year To Start A Delivery Business

We’re a way into 2018 now, but there’s still around 11 months to make the most of your entrepreneurial ambitions. Setting yourself a timeline for when you want to have your business up and running is always helpful; it gives you something to aim towards, something to focus on, and deadlines and goals you have to meet. Even if you only start now, with application to the task, you could find yourself owning a viable business by December 31st of this year…. If you have the right business idea.

It’s not easy thinking of a business idea that’s going to suit you, but there are definitely business ideas that can suit the year. While tech and software will doubtlessly continue to be profitable industries in 2018, there’s a chance that this might be the year when the businesses of the year are delivery companies. So if you’re in need of a business idea, you’re going to want to read on to see why this is an industry you might just want to sample…

#1 – Delivery companies are unpopular

If you go onto sites like TrustPilot, you’ll quickly see that delivery and courier companies have some of the worst ratings. This is true of both local and national carriers; it seems the one thing that delivery company customers can agree on is that the service is always poor.

That means there’s a gap in the market; a gap for a company who, on either a local or national level, can meet the delivery standards that customers hope for. If you can carve out a niche as the one company who, above all others, is making deliveries effectively and affordably, your fortune could be made.

#2 – Deliveries are more popular than ever

Deliveries are an essential part of life these days. Internet shopping transformed delivery companies and couriers from small workloads to huge demands; demands which just keep growing and growing. One of the reason delivery companies perform so poorly, as mentioned above, is that they tend to be overworked– which is very good news if you’re looking for a business where you’ll enjoy consistent work.

#3 – More services that rely on deliveries are emerging

It’s not just internet shopping that is fuelling the demand for deliveries, either. More and more companies are choosing to offer local deliveries; for example, butchers who offer weekly meat deliveries, or companies offering seasonal vegetable boxes that are locally grown. The desire for these local services aren’t dying out anytime soon, so you might want to think about heading to the likes of RobSinclairFinance.com.au for your vehicles and writing out your delivery company’s business plan as soon as possible.

Additionally, more services are emerging that rely on deliveries. A few years ago, no one had heard of food boxing. The premise of food boxing is simple; a customer receives ingredients and recipes to prepare specific dishes, with around a week’s worth of meals supplied at a time. This is a very new innovation and one that, as foodtolove.com.au point out, has proven to be incredibly popular.

This is yet another service that has emerged from nothing and established huge popularity in a relatively short timespan– and it relies heavily on the delivery industry. The trend is clear: where there’s innovation in business, there’s a demand for more delivery options– and your company could be the one to meet that need.

So if you’re looking for a business idea in 2018, a delivery company might just be the perfect choice for you.


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