3 Powerful Questions – from 3 Mentors

You won’t learn everything from one person in your life.

— Mike Murdock

One of the ways to amplify your personal growth is by having a mentor and/or even a coach because borrowing experience from others will help you learn more efficiently. A mentor is a wise, knowledgeable person that is in a place where you want to be or was once where you want to be that can give you direction and actionable advice. I personally have had many mentors in my life so far and three of them asked themselves questions that helped them to attain their version of success. I asked myself the following three questions and they have helped me to go deeper within myself and produce things that can help others better themselves.

How can I?

Those three words above are powerful because you get to fill in the blank. Everyone has a gift and abilities that make them different from everyone else. One of my mentors asked me this question over coffee one day and it lead me to write and publish my 1st book.

How can I add more value to more people in less time?

In this fast-paced information age, others are looking for a quick fix to their problems. People are looking for value to add to their lives that will make them better than before, even if it’s one percent better. One way to add value to others is through podcasting. It’s a way that allows you to connect with others around the world and give them a platform for getting their voice’s heard if it’s an interview-based podcast.

How can I stay relevant in my field?

My boss said this in a staff meeting one day and I immediately wrote it down. To advance others you must advance yourself by always getting better at everything that you do. Especially if it’s one of your strengths. One way of doing this is by making modifications that amplify what you do. One thing I did was to use Headliner to create audiograms of interviews to share with others on social media to continuously market my podcast and gain more listeners.

These three questions build upon one another because if you know your “why” find the “how” and do. You will continue to improve and keep yourself abreast of what’s going on to adapt accordingly.


Dominique "Dom" Brightmon
Dominique "Dom" Brightmon is an award-winning speaker and certified member of the John Maxwell Team. He is the author of "Going North!: Tips & Techniques to Advance Yourself" & the follow-up bestseller, "Stay the Course: The Elite Performer's 7 Secret Keys to Sustainable Success". Dom host's the Going North podcast, a top-rated self-help podcast that interviews authors from all over the world. His mantra is Advance others to advance yourself. Reach out to him to learn how you can unlock your inner value through book writing, coaching, and podcasting. Dom is a contributing author to the inspiring book Crappy to Happy: Sacred Stories of Transformational Joy


  1. This brilliant article of mine reminded me of some lessons that have been given to me, and make me reflect:
    Everything that others can do, why can’t you do it too? Only keep well in sight this rule: try again.
    Even before asking others, we must be willing to provide value to others. Only then can we become precious. But giving value means committing ourselves to providing something really useful to those around us.
    What counts in life is the ability to learn new things independently.