3 Key Drivers That Effect Employee Engagement

If ONLY 30% of employees are engaged…

What are the other 70% doing for your company? If given the choice and the tools, would you as the employer do something to change those numbers? We think you would. It’s time employers gave their employees a better reason to stay than just the money.

In other words, free massages or beer on tap in the office kitchen don’t make up for having a boss who’s a jerk, work tasks that aren’t stimulating or a role that doesn’t allow you to grow. “If you don’t have those fundamentals, the perks aren’t going to fix it,” Allen said. “You may keep them for a while, but at some point, they’re going to leave.”  – USA TODAY

Using the Athletic Mindset Workbook and Training programs, we educate and stimulate employee engagement within the organization. Recent polls show that 70% of employees are not engaged at work.

Employee Engagement is defined as the emotional and functional commitment an employee has to their company.  Due to a lack of employee engagement 11 billion dollars is lost annually in employee turnover. Companies with engaged employees will outperform their competitors by 200%.

They are 3 key drivers that affect employee engagement:

1. Employees want to feel confident in senior leadership

2. Employees want to take pride in their work

3. Employees want to be noticed by management

It is said that employees do not leave companies, they leave people.
–Dale Carnegie

With the economic recovery in full swing for 2013, employers in the upcoming years will need to provide more employee appreciation programs like the Athletic Mindset. In our corporate Workbook we help managers become better coaches, assist employees with identifying their passion, and stimulate employee engagement as a corporate culture. Think of employee engagement like a football team working to take the football down the field.

Here are 5 key questions:

  1. Is your team working together?
  2. Do the players know the rules in order to move the ball down the field?
  3. Does your company celebrate small obtainable goals and accomplishments?
  4. Does everyone on your team have good coaches, managers and mentors?
  5. Is each player on the field in the right position?

With the Athletic Mindset we want to help your company score the winning touchdown every day with every employee fully engaged and excited to come to work.

10 Tips for Improved Employee Engagement using the Athletic Mindset:

  1. All your employees need to know what your corporate values are
  2. Senior leadership must encourage continuous employee mentorship
  3. Direct managers should articulate a clear vision and expectations for each employee
  4. Give employees short obtainable goals
  5. Managers should give praise, show appreciation, and celebrate when employee’s goals are obtained
  6. Allow employees to give input, and share ideas within the company
  7. Let there be one consistent message clearly communicated
  8. Direct managers must openly communicate each day with their employees and SMILE
  9. Customer services means helping everyone, including everyone inside the organization
  10. Are employee’s allowed to pursue their passion within the organization? They should be.


Randy Friedman
Randy Friedman
As co-founder & President of RITE Academy, Randy Friedman is proud to be a public service advocate and training innovator. She combines her athletics and mental toughness training, bringing Racial Intelligence to law enforcement, corrections, and all public service. As a certified Social+Emotional Intelligence Coach with the ISEI (Institute of Social+Emotional Intelligence) and her 30+ years in corporate and athletics training, Ms. Friedman brings a unique perspective that helps to educate law enforcement enhance their skill-set in Racial Intelligence. Ms. Friedman has taught, coached, and mentored top corporate executives, and civic leaders in the community. As an executive in public relations and brand marketing, she understands the importance of upholding a positive image, as well as preserving respect in the community. As a professional athlete for many years, she has published two motivational books. The first in 2008, called Your Inner Swing, 7 lessons in golf and life. Her second book, co-authored with Linda Webb, The Athletic Mindset, 3 tools for success, published in 2012. These books are being used as positive motivators in communities and corporations around the world. Ms. Friedman is a nationally recognized speaker, and her global initiatives have made a positive impact in bringing communities and companies together. Ms. Friedman’s extensive experience in athletics and motivational training, combined with emotional and social intelligence, is the foundation that pieces Racial Intelligence together. This powerful groundwork for law enforcement and all public service professionals is what brought Ms. Friedman and Ms. Webb together again, to create the RITE Academy.

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