3 Job Market Trends for 2019: Time to Rethink Some Things

The job market has been severely disrupted by advances in technology over the past two decades or so. For those of us who have been around for quite some time, what we see is beyond monumental.

Job seekers no longer have to drive or travel by public transportation for hours anymore filling out numerous job applications. That was replaced by printable resume templates.

It wasn’t long until sending your resume via email or uploading it to a recruitment site replaced taking the copies with you to potential employers.

Today, things have changed even more for job seekers. If you expect to stay relevant in today’s super competitive job market, pay close attention to these [Number] trends.

1. “Tech Savvy” Is More of a Requirement Than an Added Advantage

Most jobs these days require you to know and understand basic technology. However, the definition of “basic technology” is ever evolving with the times. What was considered basic two years ago is considered completely out of date today.

It was only last year that statistics were showing that job candidates were expected to be tech savvy even though the position was for a “non-tech” job.

According to recruiter.com, “Considering the myriad ways technology has changed the world of work, it should come as no surprise that traditionally non-technical jobs have begun demanding technical skills from candidates.

“Even the least computer job you can think of will probably require at least some sort of tech knowledge in coming years.”

This means it’s time to get your computer skills up, no matter what kind of job you’re planning on going for.

2. Online Courses Are Replacing the Traditional Classroom

The Internet has totally changed the way we do nearly everything. For example, rather than giving our co-working a £5 note for a coffee, we can simply transfer the cash via PayPal or even bank-to-bank.

People used to connect by meeting up at a coffee shop. But now social media applications such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram have allowed the entire world to communicate without ever having to go anywhere.

Even shopping can be done on websites like eBay and Amazon. Many of us can’t even imagine living in a world without the Internet.

When it comes to how we get an education and additional job training, things are no different. Numerous courses from all over the globe are available. Take Courses Online, for example, where you can see all sorts of classes and courses on offer, including administration courses.

Some of these courses are a mixture of online and in-class, as well as strictly online.

This allows people from anywhere in the world to obtain a certificate from a college from another country if they want without ever leaving where they live.

3. Social Media Profiles As Important As a Good CV

Before social media, potential employers could only judge a job candidate based upon what was on their CV and in-person interview.

However, social media has become a popular source of information for recruiters to learn more about job candidates.

Social media sites such as LinkedIn are becoming increasingly necessary for people to have and keep up-to-date.

Furthermore, LinkedIn allows one to upload certificates and skill badges to a profile so that one can showcase their skill sets and experiences.

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