3 Important Steps To Increase The Physical Security Of Your Business

There are 30.2 million small businesses in the U.S., accounting for 99.9 percent of all businesses that are currently operating in the country. Most of these small businesses are pulling out all the stops to strengthen their cybersecurity. For most business owners, solid cybersecurity can have a powerful impact on the company. However, in focusing on cyber safety, many businesses are neglecting to secure their workplace physically. Leaving your company unprotected against fire, theft, and other intrusions could lead to the downfall of your entire business. Fortunately, there are simple ways to implement well-built security measures to protect your business against physical harm.

Install High-Res Surveillance Videos 

New high-tech smart cameras have been making headlines in the market in recent years. As the technology for surveillance videos continues to evolve, this level of innovation is paving the way for new and better products. Businesses can take advantage of these technological advancements by firstly installing good-quality CCTV cameras. Aside from keeping an eye on your office, installing good-quality surveillance video cameras also have a lot of benefits as long as you know what to look for in the cameras that you install. Experts from Austin-based business security agency ThinkDSC claim you must make sure that your surveillance team can accurately identify everything that appears in the video. The technology must also have a stable storage solution so it can capture long hours of videos. This could ultimately allow you to help the police investigate any unwanted movements in your office without any problems.

Enforce Access Control

Limiting access to all the secured rooms or gadgets of your business can be considered as one of the most efficient ways to keep your company safe. You can consider replacing the common lock and key to keep unauthorized people from entering the highly secured areas. You can invest in access control cards since it is harder to duplicate compared to the usual keys. It will also allow you to remove a person from accessing the area without having to change the locks all the time.

Install Fire Alarms And Sprinklers

The business that you worked hard for could turn to dust in a blink of an eye if it will be engulfed in flames. That is why you need to constantly make sure that you are complying with the government’s requirements for building safety. To secure the maximum protection, you need to make sure that your security solutions provider installs the right fire alarm systems that fit your business facility.

Aside from using all of the important security tools to protect your business, you need to build a strong security culture among all the members of your team. Each one should be accountable to the items that are assigned to them. They must also follow a clear protocol whenever an unexpected incident happened to breach your company’s security. This way, you can be assured that your business is safe from losses due to fire or burglary.

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