3 Important Steps to Create an Effective Social Media Strategy

–by Dan Mcgaw

Social media is more popular than ever. Are you leveraging social media platforms for your brand’s benefit yet? If not, then you are losing out on potential customers and business. You can follow the steps below to develop an effective social media strategy for your brand.

1. Pick the Best Social Media Platform

Once you have set your marketing goals, the next important step is to pick an effective social media platform. This is one of the most critical steps in creating an effective social media strategy. Your primary objective is to target your potential customers with the help of your content. So, you cannot afford to pick just any social platform and post any type of content. The selection of a social media platform depends on two major factors. The first one is the presence of your target audience, and the second one is the content type.

When you identify your target audience, you also need to find out which social platforms they spend most of their time on. The most popular social platform among your target audience should be the focus of your social media marketing campaign. The type of content you want to post also dictates the selection of the social media platform. It’s important to pick a social platform that can support your content type.

For example, if you plan to create visual content like images and videos, Instagram may be ideal.

2. Build a Fail-Proof Content Strategy

Content plays a significant role in every social media strategy. Effective content can help you get the attention of your target audience. So, make sure to create educational, engaging, informative content for your potential customers. However, you need to figure out which type of content will please your target audience. You can choose to create text, podcasts, images, or videos. This will help you attract your target audience and turn them into loyal customers and expand your reach.

You need to ensure that the content you create is aligned with your brand’s mission and voice. Your content strategy for each social platform needs to be based on your marketing goals and the purpose of each social platform.

3. Monitor and Measure

Another one of the most important steps is to regularly monitor and measure the performance of your social media content. Most marketers don’t realize the significance of this step. Continuous monitoring and analysis will help you strengthen your social media strategy.

Wondering how you can monitor and measure the performance of your social media strategy? There are many social media monitoring tools that can help you closely monitor the performance of your strategy. You can leverage the analytics to understand what’s working and not working for your brand. This will help you tweak your social media strategy and generate the maximum benefit from it.


Click here to check out this infographic created by UTM.io and learn more about building a social media strategy.

How to Create a Social Media Strategy in 6 Easy Steps

Image Courtesy: web.utm.io

Author Bio: Dan McGaw is an award-winning entrepreneur and speaker. He is the founder and CEO of Effin Amazing, marketing technology and analytics agency, and the creator of web.utm.io.

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