3 Gateways – Body Mind Spirit

This video was recorded before my very first concert of all-original music in 2009. “3 Gateways” is an extended piece of 3 specific melodies that have come together over the years to create an experience of awakening a deep remembrance that only love exists as the body, mind, and spirit come into balance and harmony. I played these original solo harp expressions for hundreds of hospital patients as part of a Healing Therapies pilot study resulting in a substantial reduction in distress and pain within nine minutes.

A brief story behind the melodies

The first melody of “3 Gateways” came through many years ago during a recording session. It was the first time I had gone into the studio without sheet music, trusting that whatever music wanted to flow through would express. As I began playing, it felt as if angels were filling the room. I had been on a spiritual journey inward for years and allowing music to spontaneously flow through me was part of my learning to release control. I continued playing, allowing myself to drop further into the flow. Then I heard the words, “There is no death. There is no death.”

My heart exploded as I felt the energy in the room completely supporting my surrender of the need to know and my fears of being alone. Everything merged into a divine feeling of sublime Oneness.

The second melody gently emerged as a feeling of grounding. The third melody initially expressed during a bedside session for the mother of one of my high school classmates. She was hours from transitioning. I sat beside her bed with my lap harp and played. It felt as if the music was calling in all those who were ready to help her transition. It was an opening of a gentle and loving vibrational highway between the worlds. The next day, my classmate called to tell me his mother had peacefully transition and he knew the music had helped.


Amy Camie
Amy Camie
Amy Camie, CCM is a certified clinical musician, spiritual harpist, holistic research developer, speaker, recording artist, composer, author, and co-initiator of the ORIGIN Methodology of Self-Discovery. She loves empowering and inspiring audiences through her programs on the healing power of music, vibrational resonance, conscious self-care, and the Life Lessons learned during her two journeys with breast cancer. For the past 25 years, Amy has been active in the sound healing community with several pilot studies indicating how her solo harp music increases brainwave function, supports the immune system, and reduces pain, distress, and anxiety levels. Amy’s inspired music relaxes the body, calms the mind, and gently touches the soul. Her strong classical background allows music to flow freely through her fingertips creating highways of sound that awaken memories of wholeness, harmony, compassion, and love. As one woman said, "You touch others in such a deep place with your music because it comes from such a deep place inside of you."

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  1. Dear Amy what an amazing experience you had! It feels like such a gift being able to “channel” these melodies and words who seem to come from the other side, but in fact I more and more start to believe it is here all around us, in us. Through us. I call it the Universal field. When we are truly connected to it, we pick up ideas, music, insights, inventions, solutions, all pure of heart. Filled with so much love. I sure can feel it in your music. Thank you for sharing!

    • Yes, Eyra, I also feel and experience the music from and through this Universal Field, within and around us. It’s been a long journey traveling from my classical training (more of a mental energy) into my heart to awaken a spiritual connection within. I’m so grateful to have found this community of soul family who shares their unique gifts as an expression of the collective unconscious – Thank you for your beautiful expression of love 💗

  2. Amy,

    This is so beautiful and I truly believe there is an invisible “hand” that guides us to bring through us words, music, thoughts, and ideas. Listening to this gives me a sense of peace and tranquility. Thank you!! What a blessing for those who receive it’s healing power. Namaste, Eileen

  3. Amy,
    Welcome to the group … and just WOW! I can feel the emotional connection to the whole Body, Mind and Spirit. Something that is that organic, raw and real is truly the vibration of ‘oneness’. You are an artist, healer and a beautiful writer. Welcome again. Looking forward to reading/listening to more.