3 Effective Ways to Integrate New Employees into Your Compan

As a company, you may hire new staff during one stage or another of your business. There’s a large workforce, making it essential for you to hire the right fit for your organization and make a conscious effort to retain them. It’s best to find effective ways to integrate new employees into your company successfully so they blend into your organization’s culture while reducing the rate of employee turnover. Here are some practical tips worth considering. 

  • Take them through a thorough training and onboarding process 

Although many people confuse onboarding with orientation, they’re different. Orientation is often short-term and less detailed. Onboarding takes more time and gives your new hires a realistic feel of your company’s systems and how things are done. These can determine how long your new employees will stay in your organization and how well they’ll work. Onboarding is a collective effort involving different departments such as your HR, line managers, team members etc. At the end of the process, getting feedback will help you determine how your new employees have responded.

Additionally, it’s essential to train your employees to understand the requirements specific to their role. You can do this through short courses, in-person training, job rotations, etc. Taking them through compliance training is also crucial to let your employees know your company policies, regulations, and the negative impact going against those rules could have on them and the company. 

  • Welcome them warmly

Making an intentional effort to welcome your new employees on their first day will help make them feel a part of your organization right from the word go and help ease any anxieties they may have. It could either be an event or a welcome package. The welcome package could include branded items that could help your new staff with their work, such as stationery, mugs, etc. If you opt for an event, you can incorporate fun events to help put them at ease, introduce them to other employees, and make it easier to network with other team members. Aside from making your new employees feel welcome, it’s also a great way of giving them more information on your company’s culture and the value you place on your employees. 

  • Assign mentors to them

Having hands-on experience through on the job training will equip your new staff with the skills they need to succeed in their roles and fit in seamlessly into your company. One practical way to do this is by assigning mentors to your new hires to provide them with guidance tailored to suit each person specifically and help them learn quickly. Doing this will contribute to their professional and personal development.

Experts also recommend shadowing, which gives new employees first-hand insight into their job role’s day-to-day activities by watching others directly. This way, they have a practical idea of what a typical day in your company looks like and guide them in their career decisions.

Ensuring that your new employees have integrated smoothly into your organization starts right from the hiring process. It’s best to communicate clearly to your incoming staff what you expect of them and give them a realistic picture of the next step they’re about to take in joining your company. Applying the tips listed above will help make the process more rewarding for your new staff and increase employee retention.

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