3 Easy Ways To Enhance Your Online Presence

Every business in the twenty-first century needs to be online. This doesn’t simply mean having a Facebook page, Twitter feed, Instagram display, and a website. It is what you do with these online platforms that will make or break your online presence. As an entrepreneur just launching your new startup, you need to be visible. Your brand needs to be synonymous with your product, service, and reputation. There are hundreds of other, more well-established companies, already with a loyal customer base that you need to surpass. Being online, relevant and visible is vital to achieving this. Take a look at these three easy ways to enhance your online presence. 


Forget the old Geocities pages of old, websites are now infinitely more intuitive and creative. Drag and drop builders are great and can produce some aesthetically pleasing results but they don’t tend to be hugely capable in the SEO stakes. By outsourcing your web design to an expert, you can be certain of having a website tailor made to attract your target market to your little piece of the Internet. These specialists will work with you to look at your goals such as projected traffic, click to sale ratio and your keywords. They’ll use their knowledge of the mythical Google algorithm to make sure that you, not only have an exceptional website but that your niche market knows about it and you are easily found online through search engines.

Social Media

Your social media presence should not be underestimated. Millennials now use social media as their communication method of choice and their way of interacting with the world around them. If they want to check out the latest fashion trends, they will probably head to Instagram and search LBDs using the relevant hashtag. It’s up to you to tap into this hashtag usage to ensure that you develop a relevant following. Facebook pages are great for people to share and to help you generate online reviews. Feedback and testimonials will be scrutinized by your potential customers so it is vital that you foster a positive reputation. It will be this that will secure new business.


If you’ve never had a blog in your life, or you think it’s the realm of yummy mummies or gaming geeks, you’d be wrong. Businesses are taking up the mantle to enjoy writing about their niche. It doesn’t matter whether you are importing ball bearings from Hong Kong or whether you are creating bespoke ethically sound jewelry, blogging about it can give your company the human edge that people are currently looking for. Customers love to hear about the faces behind the brand. Make sure that you find your voice and blog meaningful content that your followers can share online to enhance your global reach.

Being online is crucial in the twenty-first century. A business without an online presence is doomed to failure. Follow this guide, enhance your online presence and make sure that your startup is fit for the twenty-first century.

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