2021’s Most Indispensable Business Tech

As we take our second step into the new decade, our reliance on the rapidly evolving technological landscape of business grows even more pronounced. Following a path set since the new millennium, those who fail to follow risk being left behind. Taking a look at some of the most pronounced and newly accepted tech in local and international business, we want to investigate the aspects that are poised to become the new normal.

Video Communications

As with many other technologies now reaching the main stage in business, the popularity of video communication tools skyrocketed in 2020. Now in 2021, these have changed from optional to necessary, owing in no small part to the growth of the remote work environment. Though there are many options for businesses to choose from with these tools, the biggest standout has to be Zoom.

Launched in 2011, Zoom was not quite the overnight success story it has often been reported as. It was, however, the one video service that excelled the most in the remote work demand in 2020. The reasons for this are myriad, but center on the user-friendliness of the system, even for the technologically uninitiated. Taking off last year to the tune of a 370% increase in sales, Zoom now forms the backbone of many modern work communication systems. Whether it will stay king remains to be seen, but, for now, Zoom has found its place.

Database Management Tools

Also tying into the expansion of remote work opportunities are the tools which revolve around database management and safety. These systems have always been important, but have reached a new level with the proliferation of work from home environments.

Essentially, the modern workplace is one where everyone must connect through centralized computer servers, which introduces a far greater emphasis on safety and efficiency. As demonstrated by 3 of the Best CMDB tools to try today, these programs are multifaceted in the solutions they offer. From inspecting individual resources, running compatibility checks, troubleshooting, and more, these tools have become as indispensable as regular virus scans are in regular operations.

5G Connectivity

Lastly, we have 5G, a technology launched in 2019 which is only now beginning to see mass adoption. 5G connectivity is more specialized than the options above but can offer crucial advantages in certain situations. This usually raises its head for those who work in mobile environments with high data concerns, where hard-line connections or local networks are unavailable.

Otherwise, 5G can also serve a purpose as an avenue of data backup in case of an unexpected event. When experiencing a power outage or other physical emergency, backup generators and 5G connections can allow backups of business data on a level that wouldn’t be possible on older 4G systems. For an illustration of this speed advantage, a 100Gb backup would take nearly three hours on a 4G network, whereas using 5G could allow the same file to backup in less than 15 minutes.

SKTelecom 5G” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by TheBetterDay

Though the implementation of these above technologies will vary heavily depending on the business, there’s no question that they’ll become standard in the years to come. With that in mind, it can be best to investigate these technologies and the advantages they offer before writing them off. After all, it’s better to have something and not need it, than to need something and not have it. At least, if you want to save time and money.

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