20 Best New Years Resolutions for Businesses

New Years’ resolutions can be a successful way to set goals. The best goals are SMART goals: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. First, we will talk about these 5 components to SMART goals. Next, will be a list of 20 areas for businesses to set marketing goals. For each area, a SMART goal example will be given. Let this inspire you to achieve your New Years’ resolutions for your business.


The more specific you can be with goals, the easier it will be to attain them. In other words, vague goals don’t lead to consistent improvement. For instance, instead of having the general goal to “exercise more” you should specify the type of exercising you will do. The easiest way to exercise is to find a physical activity you enjoy doing.


You must know how you will measure your progress. For example, a house painting company may set goals as to the average size of the houses they paint as well as how many houses they paint in the coming year. This makes it easy for them to know if they are reaching their goals.


I do believe in dreaming big and achieving great things. However, most people will never score a perfect 300 in one game of bowling. Set goals that are possible to realize. As an illustration, a retail store with a location that gets more customers coming through is more likely to sell more than that same retail store if it only receives a handful of customers every day at another location.


Each goal must be relevant to your overall goals. For example, juggling three balls at a time may be a worthwhile goal, but will it help you if your main goal is to make more money? It is rare to have a steady career as a professional juggler. However, since it has other benefits like improving hand-eye coordination and physical fitness, this may be an excellent hobby.


Goals with deadlines are more likely to be achieved. Furthermore, if you have a large project (like a report), you can list the specific tasks involved (such as researching, reading, outlining your points, and writing several drafts) and set deadlines for those tasks. By holding yourself accountable (or having someone else hold you accountable), you have exponentially increased your chances of completing your overall goal.

The 20 Best Marketing Resolutions for Businesses

    1. Advertising: Boost 1 Facebook post each month for $X
    2. Associations: Belong to 2 professional associations each year for a total of $X
    3. Awards: Earn a major industry award this year
    4. Blogging: Blog once per week on topics relevant to your business
    5. Branding: Buy & give out # of T-shirts with your B&B name and logo
    6. Content: Develop a monthly content calendar with consistent themes
    7. Email: Send e-newsletter every 2 weeks to those on your growing email list
    8. Events: Speak at this # of public events
    9. Extras: Reward your top 5 clients with a gift card for $X amount
    10. Local ambassador: Develop partnerships with 5 local businesses
    11. Packages: Offer 3 new packages for future clients to choose from
    12. Photography: Update professional photography for website for $X
    13. Press: Get published in business magazine or be featured in the news
    14. Reviews: Respond personally to each comment you receive online
    15. Reputation: Set up a Google alert for your name and your business name
    16. Rewards: Give incentives for client/customer referrals
    17. Search engine optimization: Strive for 1st page of Google for certain keywords
    18. Social media: Post 2-3 times per week on 3 different social media channels
    19. Technology: Spent $X to update your technology or software
    20. Website: Increase page speed (how fast the content loads on your website)

Here’s to you having a wonderfully prosperous New Year in 2020!


Kristi Dement
Kristi Dement
Kristi Dement is the Marketing Director for Bed & Breakfast Magazine. She has been a bed & breakfast industry marketing consultant since 2013. She is a Vendor Member of the Professional Association of Innkeepers International (PAII). She has presented on PAII webinars about topics like designing guest packages and hosting private events. Her B&B clients include B&B inns, state B&B associations, B&B realtors, and a B&B photographer. Visit her website at Bed and Breakfast Blogging for more information about her services, to schedule a free phone consultation, and to subscribe to her informative blog. She lives with her family in the Raleigh, North Carolina area. For fun, she enjoys reading, walking her dog, and staying overnight at bed & breakfast inns.

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