Nash Grier has a tendency to wreak havoc on malls. One time in Iceland, a single tweet about his whereabouts brought 5,000 girls to a shopping center in search of Nash and his sidekick, Jerome Jarre.

“The mayor of Reykjavik said they’d never seen that, even when The Beatles came 30 years ago,” Jarre said later.

Then there was the incident in St. Louis. One minute, 16-year-old Nash, his 14-year-old brother, Hayes, and his 19-year-old best friend, Cameron “Cam” Dallas, were jostling each other through a sleepy mall that looked one “for lease” sign away from closing. The next moment, flocks of teenage girls, summoned by some unspoken signal, descended in a swarm of outstretched arms to gawk at three Internet celebrities they’d only ever seen on cell phone screens.

“You’re so hooooottttt,” someone wailed.

via 16 And FamousHow Nash Grier Became The Most Popular Kid In The World.

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