15 Quick Tips To Write Headlines That Get Clicks

headline-headlinesWe’re going to make this real easy.  Just as headlines should only be 16 to 18 words, here are 15 “short and sweet” tips to follow to write headlines that work.

The purpose of your news release headline is to give the reader a reason to read your content.  Your challenge is to make sure people read your headline and actually care about learning more.  So, let’s dig into writing engaging and entertaining headlines.

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  1. Number one is to write the headline last i.e. you’ll be inspired and see the big picture.
  2. Tie into trending news of the day.  For example, if airport TSA lines are big news of the day, link how your new liquid makeup organizer is perfectly suited to expedite one’s TSA screening at the airport.
  3. Keep it short.  A headline should be 16 to 18 words or under 100 characters.
  4. Create a chuckle.  For example, “Time for a Change – Pampers Adds New Designer Diaper”
  5. Avoid business jargon like the plague.  Nix the robust software, best-of-breed technology $10 words.
  6. Get to the point.  Use subject, verb, object, plus supporting words.
  7. Provide some benefit for the reader.  For example, “Save 50% on Shaklee’s Green Cleaning Products on Earth Day”
  8. Position keywords up front, because you want search engines to find your news.
  9. Statistics are attention grabbers to a potential audience.  For example, “New Workout Top Ideal for the 45% of Women Who Won’t Go Sleeveless”
  10. Use a location in your headline.  For example, “San Diego-based Golf Simulator Company Hits an Ace with its New 3D-HD Screen” [/message]
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Susan Almon-Pesch
Susan Almon-Peschhttp://www.market4profit.biz/
SUSAN Almon-Pesch is the founder of Market 4 Profit, and her full service ad agency was named Small Business of the Year and ranked in the Top 25 agencies in Western New York. In 1988 Susan was elected the first woman president in the 70-year history of the 250 member Buffalo / Niagara Sales and Marketing Executives, and she was the first woman inducted into its Hall of Fame in 1992.

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