13 Leadership and Life Principles by Thought Leaders

by Izabela Lundberg, Featured Contributor

AS WE ARE progressing with our career paths, we start to live our personal and professional lives based on specific sets of principles. Some of 360-degree-leaderthe principles we may not even be aware, that we have already embraced that are significantly contributing toward our decision process and overall success. In addition, our continued adaptability for change will make us more ready and prepared for many aspects of “unknown” challenges ahead of us.

“The only thing we know about the future is that it is going to be different”

~ Peter F. Drucker

Looking closely at many role models and their tremendous successes in leadership, entrepreneurship and Fortune 200 CEO’s such as Peter F. Drucker, Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington,  Jack Welch, and Tony Hsiesh just to name a few, I arrived to the following conclusion:

#1 Knowing “Who You Are” – By knowing who you are vs. how you want to be, is a fundamental part of self-awareness for possible gaps between these two aspects. The sooner the gaps are found, the faster success and results can be achieved in your personal and professional life.

#2 Living by “Your Values” – This lesson can be very pricy if you are not operating within your own values all the time. The more in sync you are with your core values, the better. All decisions will naturally fall into place without ever wondering “what if” or losing a good night of sleep.

#3 Finding “Your External Core” – It is a true art, takes commitment and takes consistent practice supported by an underlying passion and desire to build your leadership competencies and conscience.

#4 Making “Your Life – Your Pro-Game” – Be, act and, live that professional game in everything you do! Have that winning attitude and approach to life.

#5 Defining “The Results You Want” – Clarity is everything! Having a clear vision of the end result in my life, especially in business, has helped me tremendously to make many positive decisions. These decisions will create key momentum and repeated success over and over.

#6 Recognizing “The Power of Actions” – If you are stuck in the planning and analyzing phase, as many of us are at some point in life, then you are not making progress. Often, even just a baby step, is better than standing still.

#7 “Repositioning Yourself“ For Full Life Fulfillment – Do what you truly love and love what you truly do! You will live a fuller, richer and more fulfilling life. When you are on your destiny path, you will simply “know”.

#8 Recognizing “Life Long Learning = Growing” – To continue learning is essential to your personal and professional growth, especially if you are in visible roles of thought leadership.

#9 “Listening More and Talking Less” – This one is my favorite that I learned to fully embrace and understand over the years. Listening skills are so important in everything we do day-to-day, especially if you are leading a large group of people. Peter Drucker sums it the best, “The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said”. Give yourself permission to take notes as you listen.

#10 Knowing the “Power of Networking” – I love technology and the power behind social media, but the old-fashioned way of meeting people and building relationships, happens face-to-face! Push yourself even if you are at the peek of your career – strategic partnership and alliances will continue to make all the difference.

#11 Following “Your Passion & Happiness” – Simply put, when you are truly happy, you are delivering happiness to everyone around you by exuding radiant and positive energy. That is so infectious and it shows in everything you do.

#12 Believing in “Yourself & Your Business” – At the end of the day, if you are not believing and confident in who you are and what are you capable of doing, it is most likely that you will not believe in what you do. If that is the case, it will show to your employees, peers, partners and family members.

#13 Doing “Greater Good” – Why am I following thought leaders? I share their values, especially in regard to doing a greater good in our communities by making a positive social impact.


Izabela Lundberg
Izabela Lundberg
As a passionate advocate of lifelong learning and thought leadership, Izabela proudly prides herself and ethically serves as a transformational leader delivering global business advisory, coaching, strategy through leadership and organizational development, and innovative learning High-Performance Impact Method™ framework at Legacy Leaders Institute. By aligning and supporting business growth objectives, she works side by side with executive leaders from Startups to Fortune 500 companies. For more than two decades, Izabela demonstrated a unique ability to identify, create, and deliver solutions to complex global business challenges with her unique perspective. As a result, she successfully increased talent and team engagement, performance, revenues, and overall organizational impact in dozens of selected companies. Today, Izabela helps talent and teams come together to accomplish more than ever before with her progressive solutions and worldview (living in six countries, speaking six languages, traveling to over 45 countries, and working with diverse teams from over 100 countries). Besides, Izabela earned a Master of Science in Leadership and Organization from the University of Denver with a focus on Strategic Innovation & Change and Organizational Development & Training. She is #1 International Best Selling author and her book, The World Messenger, that is highly respected by academics, athletes, and business leaders worldwide. To receive a signed copy, go to right NOW! Need to speak with Izabela right of way? Follow & Connect with Izabela on LinkedIn and email her at [email protected]. Game On, Champions!

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