12 Ways to Protect Your LinkedIn Account

linkedinI’LL GET STRAIGHT TO THE POINT – if you are serious about protecting your LinkedIn Account, here are 12 ways you could do so:
1. Change the password of your LinkedIn account on a frequent basis (every few months should be sufficient).
2. Use a unique & complex password (not a word from the dictionary) while ensuring that it is as hard-to-crack as possible.
3. Don’t use the same password on all the websites or Social Media networks you belong to and are required to use a password to.
4. Be wary of phishing & fraudulent emails that are trying to “steal” sensitive info from you.
5. Add all of your email addresses to the email address section in the settings of your LinkedIn account.
6. Sign out of your LinkedIn account after the use of a publicly shared computer.
7. Check which applications have access to your LinkedIn profile and network data and determine whether you wish to withdraw access to any of those applications.
8. Consider turning off data sharing with third-party applications.
9. Check your active sessions (see where you’re signed in) and sign out accordingly from any active sessions you wish. This option is rather useful since it enables you to identify which devices you have connected to your LinkedIn account and which sessions are still opened.
10. Request an archive of your data in order to export your LinkedIn activity and account data to your computer (recommended – once every month).
11. Turn on Two-Step Verification to protect against people who aren’t you from accessing your LinkedIn account. According to LinkedIn if you choose to add this additional layer of security, you’ll be asked to provide a cell phone number that will be used to send you verification codes each time you sign in to LinkedIn from a device LinkedIn does not recognize.
12. At same location in the LinkedIn security settings where you enabled Two-Step Verification that we talked above, you have the option to activate the secure browsing (HTTPS) mode. This is a solid measure to enable additional protection against unauthorized access to your internet activity and to ensure you’re connected to the real LinkedIn website since it ensures protected connection when viewing all pages across LinkedIn. According to LinkedIn,if you don’t see this option in your settings, this means that secure browsing has been automatically enabled for you. Should you often access LinkedIn from unsafe or public locations, activating secure browsing is definitely something you should consider enabling.
If you have any further tips/ideas on how to secure our LinkedIn accounts, I would love to see those in the comments area below!!
Last but not least, I would appreciate your help in spreading the word via sharing this article with your Network! This way, we will assist as many LinkedIn users as we can, who wish to learn more about how to effectively secure & protect their LinkedIn accounts. Many thanks in advance!


Dennis Koutoudis
Dennis Koutoudis
Dennis Koutoudis is a successful entrepreneur, a recognized LinkedIn expert, a Certified Social Media professional & speaker. He is the Founder & CEO of LinkedSuperPowers an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Social Media Consulting Company specialising in optimising the LinkedIn Profiles of both individuals & corporations (see company explainer video) as well as helping them achieve their professional goals via the most effective usage of LinkedIn & Social Selling. It is also worth mentioning that Dennis was recently ranked by Klout #1 globally amongst the LinkedIn Experts (individuals or entities) who had generated the most engaging content for the topic of LinkedIn in the last 90 days. Dennis has personally worked with executives at Pfizer, Bloomberg, Nokia, Amazon, Deloitte, and several other Fortune 500 Companies while he is frequently asked to speak at events and conferences. He has over 32.000 followers on LinkedIn, more than 280+ LinkedIn recommendations. has listed him as the #1 Social Media Expert to follow on Twitter for October 2016, has been recognized by Agilience as Top Authority on Social Media and he has been cited in Forbes, Fortune, The Huffington Post (see: In The Name of Gucci... & Sargent, LinkedIn & the right to fame),, CNN iReport, Engadget, Buzzfeed, The Great Work Insights Podcast, SheKnows and Digital Doughnut amongst numerous other recognized international publications.

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