12 Self-Care Suggestions To Try This Month

As we move into the colder and busier months of the year, we wanted to remind you to take good care of yourself. We often find we can run ourselves ragged at this time and inevitably our health takes a hit from doing so. Self-care is something that many of us make little time for and yet it is absolutely essential. It brings balance to our lives, it re-energizes us and quite simply, it makes us happier. Which is why today we are sharing with you 12 self-care suggestions to try this month. Do let us know which ones are you go-to self-care practices.

Catch up with your friends

We all have those great friends that we just wouldn’t want to be without, yet how often do we actually manage to see them?

Taking the time to grab a coffee with a friend gives you the chance to laugh, to put things into perspective, to empathise and to talk anything over that is on your mind. Catching up with friends is one of the quickest ways to boost your happiness levels.

Make the time to see a few people this month. Fire off a few texts now and get meet ups booked into your diary to look forward to. 

Get a good night’s sleep

Sleep is absolutely crucial to our emotional and physical wellbeing and yet so many of us neglect to prioritize this over and over again.

Getting a good night’s sleep can work wonders for us and is often something that we can easily do. We simply need to make a conscious effort to get to bed earlier than we have been, we must stop burning the candle at both ends.

If you are struggling to sleep well, try switching off from devices an hour before you go to bed and read before bedtime. You should also avoid caffeine and you might want to try something like lavender on your pillow to help you drift off.

If you do suffer from insomnia you could give CBD oil a try, use eye masks and ear plugs and ensure that your bedroom is dark, quiet and comfortable.

Take a walk surrounded by nature

There is something so peaceful and calming about taking a walk surrounded by nature. It is something that all of us can appreciate.

If you live near to a hiking trail, then carve out and hour or two this weekend to head over there and enjoy it. If you have a dog then you will have plenty of opportunities to explore, so head to somewhere beautiful for your walks this month rather than walking around the block.

Studies show that being surrounded by nature is good for our mental health and getting outdoors and exercising is great for our wellbeing.

Settle in for a movie night

Get the popcorn, don your pyjamas and snuggle up under that throw. You are now all set for a movie night.

Whether you love a light hearted rom-com, the latest blockbuster, a gritty thriller or a singalong musical, choose a favorite genre and either plump for an old favorite or the latest flick and enjoy yourself for a couple of hours.

Movie nights are so easy to have and they can feel so relaxing and indulgent so ensure that you treat yourself to one this month.

Drink more water

We all know that water is good for us and yet we often do not drink enough throughout the day.

Make this month the month that you drink enough water each and every day. Get into the habit of doing so by filling up your bottle or glass every morning and always keeping it to hand. If it is right next to you, you are likely to take sips from it regularly throughout the day. Refill it as soon as it empties and keep on drinking.

You should see an improvement in your concentration levels and any headaches should reduce, as well as your skin and energy levels improving.

Declutter and donate

Take the time to declutter a corner of your home and donate any unused and unwanted items to charity.

Unless you declutter regularly, you are bound to find things that you had forgotten you had and can pass on. You also need to look at the items that you own and ask yourself whether you really need them anymore. If you have not used it or worn it in the last twelve months, are you really going to within the next twelve months?

Freeing yourself from clutter can help you to feel more organized and can reduce stress levels as people tend to function better in tidy areas. You will also feel good about donating and helping others.

Give yoga a go

If you have never tried yoga, then make this the month to give it a go.

Yoga helps us to relax, it tones and exercises our bodies, it encourages us to meditate and it makes us fitter and more flexible. The best thing about it is that it is very accessible, so anyone can give this a try at any time.

You might like to go to a class or you can do this from the comfort of your own home as there are hundreds of YouTube sessions that you can try. You just need to ensure that you are wearing loose-fitting comfortable clothing and that you are free from distractions.

Get a pet

We will preface this with the fact that you need to think about the responsibilities of owning a pet before taking this leap, but if you think you can make it work, then this could be the very best self-care option on this entire list.

Getting a pet enriches your life in so many ways. You will be wholly relied upon to provide everything that your animal needs and the responsibility can add purpose and enjoyment to your days. In return, you will receive nothing but love from them and hours of fun every week.

Take up something new

Learning something new is great for our confidence and it can open up so many new doors to us. We might find that we develop a new hobby or passion, meet new people or even start up a new career thanks to a little learning.

If there has always been something that you wanted to learn about, look into how you could do that. Are there classes running locally to you, is there an online course that you have spotted or do you know someone who could help you? Perhaps it is something that you can learn easily from books, blogs, and vlogs.

If you do not have something specific in mind, rope a friend in and head off to a new class or club this month together. You will have fun together as well as picking up a few new skills.

Lose yourself in a book

Turn off the television, drown out the sounds of your commute or set the chores aside for an hour. It is time to lose yourself in a book.

Did you know that reading actually lowers your heart rate, reduces your blood pressure and stress levels and eases muscle tension? There are many health benefits of reading and then there is the added bonus that reading improves your memory, increase your vocabulary and you learn things from books. There are so many good reasons to pick up a book, the best reason of all is that it is enjoyable.

It is exciting to be gripped by your latest read, you will be keen to make time to keep on reading it and look forward to curling up with your book at the end of a long day. It is a simple hobby to have and one that you can never tire of, there are plenty of books in the world to read!

Turn up the music

Turn up the music and revel in it!

Whether you are belting out your favorite tunes at the top of your lungs or you dance until you can no longer move, you will have so much fun with this one.

Get your best playlists on and dance your heart out. Dance and sing like no-one’s watching and you will be amazed by how instantly happy it makes you feel.

Take the time to play

If you have children or pets then this one will be easy to do. Take the time to play with them and you will find that even just ten to fifteen minutes of being silly with them will leave you feeling lighter, happier and relaxed.

This is a little harder to do without youngsters around as we often lose touch with our ability to play as we grow older. Think back to what you loved doing as a kid and give that a try now. Perhaps you loved coloring in, completing puzzles, kicking a ball around or building with Lego. There is nothing at all to stop you from doing any of these things as an adult, so make the time to play and let go.

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