Did you know that there are around 335 million monthly active Twitter users? Did you know that 500 million tweets are sent each day?  Most of us know that Twitter is a popular social media website. In fact, a single day’s worth of tweets would fill a 10-million-page book!

Here are 10 quick tips so you can get the best out of using Twitter to promote your business:

1. Know your audience in order to target your message to the right people. You want to write to appeal to your specific market–not to everyone.  What kind of customers would you like to attract?

  • Use their language (including the keywords they search for online)
  • Show how you meet their specific needs
  • Show how you fulfill their desires

2. Regularly spend time listening to the needs and wants of your target market. What would ease their pain and make their lives better?

  • Save them time
  • Earn them money
  • Entertain them
  • Educate them

3. Have strategies behind who you follow. You do not have to follow everyone. Be selective and show your audience what they like to see (when you know who you are as a company, it will be easier to identify other Twitter accounts to follow).  Such as:

  • Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Projects
  • Home Decor
  • Recipes

4. Have a consistent presence online. Tweet at least four to six times per day if possible.

5. Provide useful content based on your brands’ goals. Selling should NOT be the focus.

  • Tweet powerful and inspiring quotes
  • Update readers about upcoming events
  • Share meaningful stories your audience can relate to

6. Tweet with images. People are visual creatures and tweets with pictures are more than twice as likely to be retweeted.  Images can convey more than words do.

7. Be active on other social media channels and have a blog on your website.  Blogs provide fresh content the search engines love.  More online connections come from having a strong presence on other social media websites.

8. Use hashtags (#) so the reach of your tweets spreads to people searching for that term. Use trending hashtags.  Make sure the hashtags are relevant to the tweet. Using two hashtags is plenty.

  • Newsworthy events
  • Celebrities
  • Holidays
  • This day in history
  • Sports
  • Trending topics

9. Always have a call to action. Know what you want them to do after they read your tweet.

  • Visit your website
  • Subscribe to your blog
  • Follow you on social media
  • Make a purchase
  • Watch a video

10. Monitor your Twitter results with other websites. There are many Twitter tools available for free (or to use on a free trial basis).  Try them out to see which you prefer.

  • Buffer
  • Hootsuite
  • Tweetdeck

When you use these tips consistently, you will see a dramatic increase in your numbers:

  • More twitter followers
  • More retweets
  • More blog subscribers
  • More business
  • More income

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