10 New Employee Training Techniques for Corporate Success

Is your company creating an atmosphere for success when on-boarding new employees?

It’s the latest and most effective training course out today for new hires. Human resource departments, managers, senior leaders, mentors and coaches are seeing what it takes to turn new hires into ALL-STARS. By the time they finish The Athletic Mindset Level 1 Training Workshop, new hires will not only want to take the ball down the field, but supersede company goals!

Corporate All-Stars = Increased Company ROI

Here are 10 simple yet powerful techniques to help your newest hires become the ALL-STARS from their first day on-the-job.

1. The Greeting: Make your new hires feel special on their first day.
Roll out the red carpet, put their names on the marquee at the front door, and put a big “Welcome” upright as they walked in. First impressions leave a lasting imprint, so make your new employees feel like All-Stars right as they walk in the door.

2. Being Prepared: Get the company prepared ahead of time for their All-Star arrivals. If you are expecting top performance from the beginning, then your company must set the stage first.

3. Tools and Equipment: Does the new hire employee have all the tools, and equipment ready to go? It is important to show to your All-Stars that you are prepared and ready for them to take the ball down the field. Like a professional athlete will always have all of their equipment ready to go on Gameday, so should your company be ready with the right equipment for your new All-Stars.

4. Company Tour: Take the time to introduce your new All-Stars to the rest of the company. You can expect better teamwork when you take the time to show your All-Stars around and meet the team they are going to be working with.

5. Manual Overload: Don’t overload your All-Stars with too much reading on the first day. It may send a message that no one has time to teach them personally. Company interaction on the first day leaves them feeling energized. All-Stars when trained right will turn into super-achievers. You can’t force a horse to drink water, so don’t force manuals at your All-Stars.

6. Lunch or Special Treats: Take your new All-Stars to lunch. Provide a special open forum, like an ice cream social for other employees to interact with your new All-Stars. The more you can make your company have that warm family environment, the more your All-Stars will want to succeed for the company.

7. Coaching and Mentorship: Do you take the time to assign mentors or coaches to help these new All-Stars in their first 90-days with your company. Walking into a new company can be hard, especially when you are trying to “fit in”. The quicker your new All-Stars feel someone is there for them, the sooner they are part of the team, achieving your company goals.

8. Job Responsibilities: Make sure job responsibilities are clear, concise and easy to understand.  It’s easy to make the mistake that because they had prior experience they fully understand job responsibilities within your company. When it is spelled out from the beginning, everyone starts playing on the same field.

9. Expectations and Goals: Provide short-term obtainable goals. Do your managers and senior leadership team take the time to help the new All-Stars understand those expectations and goals? Remember to celebrate with your All-Star employees when they achieve these goals.

10. Appreciation and Recognition:  If you want to achieve great results from your All-Stars, reduce turnover, and supersede your company goals, then you must apply what we call the GLO24™. (Hint, show some Gratitude).


Randy Friedman
Randy Friedman
As co-founder & President of RITE Academy, Randy Friedman is proud to be a public service advocate and training innovator. She combines her athletics and mental toughness training, bringing Racial Intelligence to law enforcement, corrections, and all public service. As a certified Social+Emotional Intelligence Coach with the ISEI (Institute of Social+Emotional Intelligence) and her 30+ years in corporate and athletics training, Ms. Friedman brings a unique perspective that helps to educate law enforcement enhance their skill-set in Racial Intelligence. Ms. Friedman has taught, coached, and mentored top corporate executives, and civic leaders in the community. As an executive in public relations and brand marketing, she understands the importance of upholding a positive image, as well as preserving respect in the community. As a professional athlete for many years, she has published two motivational books. The first in 2008, called Your Inner Swing, 7 lessons in golf and life. Her second book, co-authored with Linda Webb, The Athletic Mindset, 3 tools for success, published in 2012. These books are being used as positive motivators in communities and corporations around the world. Ms. Friedman is a nationally recognized speaker, and her global initiatives have made a positive impact in bringing communities and companies together. Ms. Friedman’s extensive experience in athletics and motivational training, combined with emotional and social intelligence, is the foundation that pieces Racial Intelligence together. This powerful groundwork for law enforcement and all public service professionals is what brought Ms. Friedman and Ms. Webb together again, to create the RITE Academy.

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