10+ Ideas For Industrial Line Marking

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When we think of line marking, it is not something you would associate with a lot of complexity. People always assume there is only one way to get the line marking done at an industrial location. But the truth is that there are several ways you can get the job done. It is going to depend on what you are attempting to achieve with these line markings, and the type of industrial building where these lines are being crafted. Here is a look at ten ideas for industrial line marking that should help you in the coming days and weeks. And if you need assistance with line marking at Newcastle then Maintain X is a good company to contact.

  1. Purple Tape

When you are using purple tape, it is included in an industrial complex when you are indicating the area where finished goods are being stored. Not only does this ensure employees will avoid the area, but it also lets them know where to store completed items or boxes.

  1. Yellow Tape

When you use printable tape, you are indicating a traffic area, where you can take items from one direction to another inside the building. When you are in between the yellow printable taped lines, you should be able to walk or cart something along without worrying about bumping into machines or products.

  1. Stop Signs

Having a stop sign on the floor is also useful. These signs can be used for several purposes. You can have a stop sign when you do not want employees going beyond a certain point, but you can also use them in the same way they are used on the road – to indicate a spot where you must pause, look around and then move on.

  1. Red and White Stripes

If there is electrical equipment, anything hazardous or you are protecting an exit point, red and white stripes are a useful marker to put on the floor.

  1. Green Tape

Green Tape serves the purpose of indicating where you are keeping parts that are not yet put together. For instance, if something is being assembled, you may need to keep different parts in that area until they are utilized.

  1. Black and Yellow Stripes

These stripes on the floor will indicate any area where an electrical appliance is being operated. It lets employees know they must be careful while walking in and around that area.

  1. White Tape

This is a work area, which means no one should be entering the area unless they are participating in the work that is being completed at the time.

  1. Black and White Stripes

When you put black and white stripes on any part of the floor, it means everyone should keep clear unless they are specifically instructed to go beyond that point.

  1. Red Paint

Red paint on the floor is a useful way to indicate if there is something hazardous that is contained beyond that point. It is a good way to indicate spots where defective products or scrap metal is being kept.

  1. Orange Paint

Orange paint is like red paint; in that it indicates a spot where something potentially dangerous may be located. But in general, orange indicates a level of danger that is less than the spots where red paint is located.

If you have any more questions or concerns about line marking, this industrial line marking guide may help you out.

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