10 Effective Tools To Simplify The Lives Of Content Managers

More than 3 million blog articles are written daily on WordPress alone. Though WordPress is the leading platform for bloggers, it is not the only one. Hence, the actual number of blogs posted daily is a mammoth figure. Add infographics, images, slideshows, e-books and video content to the above figure, and you have yourselves an astounding quantity of content that is generated on a daily basis. Let’s not forget the tweets, stories and other social media posts; taking the amount of content created per day to astronomical heights.

Well, you are not wrong when you say that it’s hard to be a content manager. In fact, constantly churning out quality content that can compete with the cut-throat competition out there is no child’s play. Definitely not! To make your life a bit easier, you would definitely need to take the help of certain tools specially designed for content managers like you. Here are top 10 tools recommend for you, based on the personal experiences of renowned writers:

  1. Keyword Everywhere Extension: Keyword Finder

You don’t stand a chance to rank higher in search results if you have not optimized your content around specific keywords. Researching keywords in a particular niche that have high search volume as well as low competition is one of the toughest parts of a content manager’s job. Google Adwords is the most popular tool for conducting a keyword research, and chances are that you might already be using it. Another tool that comes in handy is the Keyword Everywhere chrome extension. It lets you see the volume, competition, and CPC for any keyword that you search in the Google Search interface itself.

It’s great for discovering new keywords while you browse the internet. 

  1. Google Analytics: Content Performance Analysis

Content managers need to be creative and analytical at the same time. It is critical to follow a data-driven approach so that you can measure how well your content is performing. Google Analytics is the powerhouse that lets you dive deep into the performance, and come up with actionable insights. Use these insights to improve your content strategy and devise some new ones.

  1. Buzzsumo: Content Discovery

Every marketer understands the importance of knowing what your competitors are thinking and doing. It’s difficult in the offline world, but Buzzsumo makes it a piece of cake in the digital world. This tool is the manifestation of every content manager’s dreams. Leverage this tool to discover the top performing content related to the keywords, on the internet including social media. Analyze this content to gain a deep understanding of the elements contributing to the success or failure of a particular content piece and simply emulate the same. Moreover, you can use it to find influencers and even reach out to them for promoting your own content.

  1. Canva: Graphic Design

Design and presentation are critical parts of any piece of content. In fact, posts including images receive a staggering 650% higher engagement than text-only posts. But what if you don’t know anything about graphic designing and don’t have access to an expert’s services? Worry not, Canva is here to help you create beautiful graphics without the need for any technical expertise. Its simple to use cloud-based interface is perfect for designing mesmerizing graphics with a few clicks. Canva also provides an array of standard templates for the Facebook cover photo, Blog banner, Linkedin Post and many others.

Oh, and it’s free!

  1. Proprofs Chat: Live Chat Software

Live chat software for a website is often under-utilized as it’s often seen as a tool that allows firms to interact with customers. Well, this is a very small part of what this cutting-edge software does. It has vast potential that is not just limited to chatting. It is the ultimate source to understand what your customers actually want from your website or product. Analyze your chat history and transcriptions to learn about the major queries that users asked on live chat. Assess the issues and edit your content repository in a way that it has relevant information that’s frequently required by your customers.

  1. Snagit: Screen Recording

Many a time, you need to include screenshots in the form of JPEGs, GIFs or Video format in your content pieces. This is especially the case when the focus of your content is on a software or a tool. Or you need to showcase some data from somewhere like Google Analytics. If you are still using the PrntSc key for the same and editing it in Paint or Photoshop, you are simply wasting your precious time. Use Snagit to quickly take a screenshot or screen recording and edit in its editor to add annotations, arrows, callouts and more.

  1. Lumen5: Video Content Maker

Content in the form of video is attracting a lot of eyeballs these days. Just look at the popularity of YouTube. But creating professional videos is difficult and time-consuming as well, right? Wrong! With Lumen5, the task is a breeze. The software is AI-powered, cloud-based video creation platform that allows even beginners to create amazing, highly engaging videos in minutes.

8. HubSpot: Content Marketing Tool

It is important to create engaging content and at the same time deliver the content to the target audience as quickly as possible. If you won’t, your competitor will. HubSpot is a content marketing suite that gives access to full-funnel marketing platform allowing users to create and deliver emails along with their other marketing applications and tools. You can boost your contact list easily.

  1. Evernote: Content Notes Organizer

Evernote lets you capture, organize and share notes from anywhere to your device. These notes can be in the form of PDFs, images, audio files, and text. This tool comes in real handy during the ideation phase and is a must-have for all content managers.

  1. Quora: Topical Research and Answer the Public

Finding high-volume, low-competition keywords and optimizing your content for them is a fine strategy. But it is slowly getting replaced by content created around ‘topics’ and ‘user queries’, thanks to the ability of search engines to understand the context behind a query, and not just rely on the keywords. Quora is a goldmine for finding questions that users in your niche actually need answers for. Answer The Public is also an amazing platform to learn about various questions that users ask for a particular keyword.

Being a content manager is not easy. The pressure of generating top-quality content on an almost daily basis is intimidating. But the happiness that radiates from within when a content piece gets appreciation from the users makes it worth the effort.

To make your life easier, try the tools mentioned in this article. Got another tool that should be added to this list? Share with us in the comments!


Robin Singh
Robin Singh
Robin is a Technical Support Executive. He is an expert in knowledge management and various Knowledge base tools. Currently, he is a resident knowledge management expert at ProProfs. In his free time, Robin enjoys reading and traveling.

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