Top SEO Rankers recently rounded up 10 digital marketing experts to share insights on how they see the digital marketing space in 2016. And they did enlighten us with answers based on trends, experience and logic.

When we started, we had few clear cut questions for our experts, for instance:

‘How did they think the traditional way (in digital marketing, 2015 can be traditional too!) of marketing products digitally changed?’

And, ‘What are the tools and technology or platforms marketers should care about this year?’

What we gathered from these experts was half expected and half astounding. Seems we are coming full circle where technology should be seen as a launch pad for a brand, and not the vessel that carries it to the pinnacle.

So, when we engaged with these digital marketing czars, we got answers ranging from the necessity to explore social media platforms to the significance of having a strong content, as well as the need to tackle ad blocking, and the undermined importance of Link Building and Deep Data.

Below is the gist of the roundup talk, highlighting the top digital marketing trends reckoned by our 10 experts:

Digital Marketing Experts InfographicTop SEO Rankers – Best SEO Companies

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